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London Honey - 300g Jar

ORIGIN: London
In a year that was particularly poor for bees through being so wet, we are particularly pleased to have a limited number of jars of deeply delicious London Honey available.

Jiddler's Tipple Everday Pale Ale - 3.8%

ORIGIN: London, North London, UK
A delicious, aromatic, sessionable pale ale, low on alcohol without sacrificing on taste and body. Vegan friendly.

Sunflower Oil, organic

Unrefined, cold-pressed sunflower oil with a two star Great Taste Award to attest to its excellence,

Vegan Vanilla Fudge

ORIGIN: Huddersfield, UK
A dairy-free fudge, but you’d never know! This baby has an amazing creamy texture, subtle vanilla flavours with a slight soy finish.

Jiddler's Tipple Another IPA - 3.8%

ORIGIN: London, North London, UK
This trio of hops gives piney and resinous aromas with hints of tropical and citrus fruit. There is malty complexity with flavours of bread and hints of caramel and toffee on the palette. Full bodied yet refreshing, with a residual sweetness and a moreish bitterness.

Cacoa Nibs

Crunchy pieces of cocoa beans to improve cognition attention, processing speed and working memory and deliver a serotonin and dopamine hit, if that little lot didn’t make you happy enough.

Shoyu soya sauce, organic

Organic, vegan and Kosher, we think that this award-winning soya sauce is the best on the market.

Jiddler's Tipple Bog Standard Lager - 3.8%

ORIGIN: London, North London, UK
A Vienna style lager which is drinkable but with plenty of character. Bog Standard has aromas of toast and cereal along with a hint of earthy spice from noble hops.

Broth Mix

ORIGIN:                UK
Seven grains and pulses, including wholegrain naked oats, olive green lentils and naked barley flakes for a twist on the classic broth mix.

Pilau Mix

ORIGIN:                UK
A versatile blend of wholegrain emmer wheat and olive green lentils which make an excellent pilau, but can also be used in salads, as a (pre-soaked or cooked) base for stews, or a delicious, lighter alternative to rice.

Black Quinoa

ORIGIN:                UK
The UK’s first crop of black quinoa brings a nutritious, complex flavour and attractive deep colour to salads, soups, stews, in baking or as a side dish in place of rice of couscous. 

Red & White Quinoa

ORIGIN:                UK
Hodmedod’s red and white quinoa is grown by Emily Addicott Sauvao in Somerset (red) and Peter Fairs in Essex (white).

Aluminium 500ml Bottles

These 500 ml bottles are ideal if you need a bottle to display in the bathroom or kitchen.

Empty aluminium bottle are great to decant your products in to. Ideal alternative to the glass bottle for use in wet areas.